Building a Hybrid Hosting Solution

With ever increasing demands being placed on web-based solutions, it is imperative to offer a highly-optimised hosting solution able to meet the demands of your applications and users. Traditional single virtual server installations are on the decline, with more and more organisations looking to utilise the benefits of the Cloud to bolster their offering.

With a history stretching back over 15 years, Limelight Sports is the UK's top organiser of mass participation sporting events targeted towards the general public. The company is renowned for it's innovation and expertise, and has worked with organisations including British Gas (SwimBritain), Sport Relief (Swimathon) and the Royal Bank of Canada (V Series).

Traditionally, web-based implementations of registration systems, brochure sites and timing systems were all built on individual virtual server installations. Each installation would have the full LAMP stack installed and would operate as a unique entity in its own right.

The rapid increase in popularity of mass participation sporting events worldwide in recent years has led to a much greater demand for our web services. However, this demand is very much a fluctuating demand with distinct peaks, particularly around the time when registration for a particular event opens and of course, race day. For example, during the two weeks that the Royal Parks Foundation public ballot for the Half Marathon opened in January, the website registered just over 40,000 participants - an unprecedented number that just keeps on growing year on year.

Given the huge importance of web-based solutions ensuring the continued success of our events, it was decided to completely revolutionise our hosting solution by ensuring that all of our platforms are underpinned by an infrastructure tuned for optimal performance.

A Hybrid Solution

For Limelight Sports, reliability, uptime and scalability were of paramount importance. In response to this, a bespoke Hybrid solution incorporating both Dedicated Servers and Cloud Servers was created. This enables us to keep all web-based implementations within a highly secure dedicated environment, whilst having the ability to burst into the cloud for the ultimate in scalability and flexibility - the best of both worlds.

A Hybrid solution enables us to meet both predictable and unpredictable demand without ever compromising on service and safety. In addition, an integrated firewall delivers the high level of control and security necessary to meet and exceed our PCI-DSS compliance obligations.

Confidence to Expand

Taking the bold step to invest in a bespoke hybrid cloud environment has paid off. We are now able to take full advantage of market demand for our events and provide a service that simply cannot be achieved elsewhere in the market.