This isn't really a blog, it's more a page to share thoughts and things that I have found out (usually whilst investigating some problem or other).

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Building a Hybrid Hosting Solution

With ever increasing demands being placed on web-based solutions, it is imperative to offer a highly-optimised hosting solution able to meet the demands of your applications and users.

Web Service: A True Innovation

Designing and implementing a solution to deliver real-time data from a third-party provider offers unique challenges, but once a successful solution is put into place, there are unlimited uses for such a useful tool.

Finding Latitude / Longitude with Bing

The Bing / MultiMap API is a viable alternative to the Google Maps API - and some clients may insist on using it... Having been set the task of retrieving latitude and longitude coordinates from an address input, these were my findings.

The Inconsistencies of Email Clients

Many modern web developers struggle when it comes to building email templates. This is largely down to inconsistent rendering across clients - something that can be overcome by using a few simple tricks.

SEO Boost with Social

A quick and easy way of boosting your off-page SEO is by claiming and linking social networking accounts. This coupled with registering on a number of local search providers will not only generate inbound links but also increase your online presence.

Generic Project Schedule

Ensuring that a project is delivered on time and within budget is the primary concern of a project manager. Sticking to a pre-defined project schedule with deliverable milestones is key to achieving it.

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